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Featured Weddings

Siya & Rachel

Venue: Molenvliet

Photographer: Justin and Simone

Siya and Rachel's wedding was a very special one for me. I have known them both for a long time now.  I have watched them start their amazing family and while doing that became the power couple that they are, helping so many people in need in our country. This wedding I would do over and over again.

Kirsten & Malcolm

Venue: Molenvliet

Photographer:  Estilo Photography

Sophisticated with a touch of black. Kirsten had some brilliant ideas that we were able to transpire throughout the day. It was an incredibly special wedding as throughout the day you could feel the love between these two. It was beautiful to watch. It turned out to be the most incredible day. We planned this day for a whole year before and it was everything and more.

Bridget & Kobus

Venue: Brenaissance Wine & Stud

Photographer: Robynner Photography 

Leading up to Bridget's and Kobus's big day, it had rained for 4 days. At 9 am on Saturday morning, the rain had stopped and turned out to be the most beautiful day with the sun shining. This wedding was beautiful everything ran so smoothly. The ceremony was one of the most emotional ceremonies yet. Their vows were so authentic and personal. We loved the colour scheme of the wedding and everything looked so stunning.

Frans & Ingrid

This was such a fun and festive wedding. 

The speeches were beautiful and my bride never left the dance floor. I have known the couple for years and it was such a privilege to co-ordinate and witness their special day. 
They are so good together, salt of earth kind of people.

Mariscka & Jason

Venue: Olijvenkraal                         

Photographer:  Chantal and May

This wedding was incredibly heart felt and emotional. It was amazing to see how close knit their families are. I admired the respect from the younger generation to the older generation. The speeches made me cry and it was the best first dance I have seen! I loved every bit of this wedding.